How to Make a Macrame Square Knot – Video Instruction

Most people think of macrame and they think of the 70’s, but this knot tying craft has faded in and out of fashion throughout history. Macrame is a simple knot weaving that when done correctly can be anything from a gorgeous handbag to an amazing wall hanging, and it all begins and ends with knots.

Macrame Knots

Just as there are many tools to get a job done, there are many macrame knots that affect the finished look of your project. What knot you use really depends on what you want your final outcome to look like. Today we are going to talk about 2 basic knots, the square knot and the half square knot.

How to make a macrame square knot

The square knot consists of 4 or more pieces of rope laid side by side vertically and using the outer rope on the right and the left to tie around the center ropes.

The finished product of a vertical square knot braid is flat and is the same technique a lot of people use when making paracord survival bracelets. It can also be used to make belts or any project where a flat braid is needed.

Wonder what would happen if you tied square knots and didn’t alternate between tying from the left and the right? You get a spiral square knot braid. Give it a try!

How to Make a Macrame Half Square Knot

The half square knot is just that, half of a square knot. Instead of using the left and the right cord like in the square knot, a half knot only uses one of the outer ropes and makes the rest of the ropes the core.

You will notice that half square knots do not lay flat. The finished vertical braid of half square knots will naturally spiral down the core of ropes. The more half square knots you add, the more spiral you will have.

Already have macrame ideas running through your head? Give them a try. If you don’t like it, it’s as easy as untying the knots and trying something different.

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