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Sherwin Williams Peel and Stick Paint Samples – Samplize Review

Samplize paint samples on a white table

We just bought a new house! YAY! It’s a minor rehab, and it has some interesting paint color choices, like really dark turquoise in a room without a lot of natural light.

This is a picture from the listing and is exactly the color on the walls in the dining room right now. I’m sure the previous owners loved it, but it’s just not my style.

dark turquoise paint

The one thing I really dislike about this new house is how dark that dining room is! And a lot of that is because the paint color on the wall gobbles up the light. I need to test paint!

Sherwin Williams Color Sample Ordering From Samplize

So, instead of ordering paint samples and painting them on a board or trying to get paint samples to look true on SUCH a dark color without a primer, I decided to try these Sherwin William peel and stick paint samples from Samplize.

Their schtick is that they use two coats of REAL manufacturer paint and that you can reposition them on the walls. They come in a 12 by 12 square.

I’m not sure what’s going to work for color in these rooms. I know I want something neutral and probably with the magic LRV (light reflective value) of around 62, so that the room lightens up considerably.

I also wanted to try a SUPER light color to see the difference between how the colors vs. almost white play in the room.

If you don’t know about LRV – Kylie M Interiors has an excellent post on it here:

As far as I’m concerned LRVs are like painting magic!

I’ve done a ton of research on the colors that I want and I’ve narrowed it down, but I still have NO IDEA on what will look good in the house. Each house and lighting situation is so different.

I ordered Alabaster (highest LRV at 82), Agreeable Gray, Silverpointe, and Sea Salt from the Samplize sight. These are all Sherwin William colors, but Samplize does carry other brands.

Order from Samplize

TIP: The order process for Samplize is super simple, but there are A LOT Of options. It’s much better to do your research FIRST and have your choices narrowed down or it can get overwhelming fast.

Right now when you get $15 worth of paint samples you get free shipping using the Samplize coupon code on site, so I took advantage of that.

When you first look at the price of $5.95 each, it actually seems a little steep (at least it did to me).

But paint samples from Sherwin Williams come in at $8.69 per color if you are paying full price. Then you have to buy painting supplies.

So, the actual samples from Sherwin Williams are quite a bit pricier then the Samplize peel and stick samples. But you are able to paint a MUCH larger area with the Sherwin William samples than what the Samplize samples cover.

So some of what you choose should probably be based on how much area you need to test.

TIP: Sherwin William paint samples are called “Color to Go.” You get A LOT of paint for the price, but it is not a finish paint and needs a top coat. If you decide to test paints this way then you need to know that you can’t use the Color to Go paints as your finished product.

Getting the Samplize Package

I ordered the samples on a Saturday and got them three days later on Tuesday. I think this might vary by a day or two depending on your location, but I was impressed with how fast the shipping is.

Everything was packaged well and you can see that they sent me some nice tips for applying to my walls.

Samplize application tips

You can immediately tell that each sample is REAL paint.

And each one comes with a piece of mylar in between it and the next sample. My guess is to keep it from sticking.

Samplize packaging

These are 12 by 12 and peel and stick with a backing and repositionable goo on the back – like a big postit note. They are pretty thick and feel a lot like heavy cardstock. I think that’s a good thing.

Samplize colors initial order

Using Samplize Peel and Stick Paint Samples

The first thing I tried was putting the paint samples directly on the wall. This probably would work if you have a white or very light paint color on your wall, but I got a lot of color reflection from the dark paint color.

However, even with that dark reflection I was able to narrow it down a lot. I knew from this experiment that I didn’t want any of the LRV paints in the high 50s or low 60s like I had thought.

These colors that I thought I would love were just too dark in these rooms. I decided that if I wanted to lighten the room that I needed something in the Alabaster range, but didn’t like how this particular paint color looked “dingy” in my lighting.

Samplize colors second order

So, that first round helped me narrow it down. Then I asked in my awesome design group that comes with my Designer in a Binder program how they use these and a lot of the folks in there who have used Samplize tack it to the wall or mount it to a poster board to move around the room – instead of sticking it to the wall.

This gives a white border around the paint sample.

I thought this was brilliant, so I’ve decided to give this a go with another batch of paint colors from Samplize in the higher LRV ranges (mostly in the 70s).

Different Sherwin Williams whites

I put the samples on the white boards and then I moved them around the rooms and put them next to my flooring color samples.

Samplize samples next to flooring

From here we narrowed it down to the Shoji White.

At that point because I wanted to be sure, I went to Sherwin Williams and got a paint sample and started painting it on the walls in big squares. I’m very glad I did this step because I didn’t like the Shoji White bigger.

Sherwin Williams Shoji White on the walls

So, I took all of this information back to the Sherwin Williams store and the associate there helped me pick out a paint color that ended up being perfect. I should have got another sample, but they were out so I got a gallon.

The color is called Eider White. It’s not for everyone. Even though it’s pretty neutral it does have purple undertone. But it looks GREAT in my house.

You can see it here against the Sherwin Williams pure white trim.

Sherwin Williams Eider White on the walls

I actually like it so much, I’m going to do my entire house in it other than the kids rooms.

The Bottom Line on Sherwin Williams Peel and Stick Paint Samples

Overall, using Samplize was well worth it. I was able to dramatically narrow down my paint choices and make a choice that I really love. In the end I did end up with a single wet paint sample and a pretty in depth consult at the Sherwin Williams store, but I don’t think I would have gotten there as easily without Samplize.

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