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Skull Wreath – DIY

Skull Wreath on Purple Door

You will be sure to hand out Halloween scares galore when you hang this spooky wreath on your door! It’s not all just about the treats. Okay, maybe the treats….

Halloween Skull Wreath

I couldn’t help making a super creepy wreath as an alternative for our front door this year. I always am the goody-two-shoes witch but sometimes I wanna play the evil sorceress, don’t you? Mwahahaha…. Here I will show you the steps to making your own Mesh Halloween Skull wreath to spook the kids and at a fraction of the cost to buying premade.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • 2 rolls each of 4 different mesh ribbons (I used white mesh with metallic stripes, black sparkle mesh, black tulle with glittery silver spider webs, Candy Corn striped metallic mesh ribbon, and Metallic maple leaf organza ribbon… these can get messy so be prepared 😉 )
  • Other decorations; I chose to use red-feathered floral picks, a plastic skull, plastic skeleton hands, and a battery-operated orange led light strip.
  • Sparkly black pipe cleaners.
  • Long stem silk black roses with eyeballs and spiders…OOOOoooooooHHHHhhhhh.
  • Round wreath frame

The Steps:

  • 1. Start by tying on long pieces of black pipe cleaner to the four cross bar sections (around the middle two wires only and across the crossbar diagonally).
  • 2. Next you will place a hole at the base of the plastic skull on both sides. I used a knife in a twisting motion. You will then take a piece of hard wire, like coat hanger wire and bend the end to make a loop. Then run it through the holes you made in the skull and insert the pipe cleaner into the loop and pull back through the skull.
  • 3. Once you have the pipe cleaner drawn back through the skull attach it to the other piece and secure your skull to the wreath frame.
  • 4. Next, roll out your ribbons one on top of the other, and cut in 11 -14″ lengths, as desired. You will need four to five sets for each section of the wreath frame.
  • 5. Take the ends of your ribbons and pinch together.
  • 5. Once you have your ribbon ends gathered together take a pipe cleaner you have cut in half and put the pipe cleaner through the middle two bars on the wreath and lay your ribbon down onto the wreath frame over the pipe cleaner keeping it gathered together, wrap the protruding ends of the pipe cleaner around the ribbon and secure to the frame by twisting the pipe cleaner in place over the ribbon to hold it down.
  • 6. Continue this process all the way around your wreath frame. Adding four to five sets of ribbons to each section of the wreath frame depending on how full you want it. Be sure to push the ends of the ribbon down between the two bars to the back of the wreath.
  • 7. Once your frame is full you can then turn it over and trim off the excess ribbon ends leaving a half-inch to one inch behind.
  • 8. after trimming you will hot glue down the 1/2 – 1″ leftover ribbon ends on the back overlapping them as you go and pressing them as flat as possible trying not to burn your fingers.
  • 9. Now you will take the skeleton hands and add holes as you did with the skull, at the wrist section. Attaching them the same way you did the skull to the wreath in between the ribbons. I had you do this after filling in the rest of the wreath with the ribbons due to the fact they are hard to get under and kind of in the way other wise.
  • 10. You will then take the extra wires you have and twist them over the back ribbons if you want, this is not a necessary step however it can help secure long stems on the back if you have flowers and such you are adding from the front that you don’t want to bother cutting. Be sure to leave at least four sets to help attach the lights to your wreath.
  • 11. Turn over to inspect and you can now add your floral picks and other details, push floral picks through from the front to the back side of the wreath and hot glue them in place, Clip off the excess. I did the majority of mine around the skull to help fill in the gaps and give it flair…I also added some around several spots on the wreath. Including adding a creepy spider crawling out of the skull and an eyeball for extra ghoul factor!
  • 10. You are now ready to attach your lights. Bring the longer ties you left for attaching the lights through from the back to the front and between the ribbons/decorations. Place your lights how you want them to lay on the wreath, wrapping around ribbon and decorations and then use those ties to attach them in place.
  • 12. Secure the battery pack and opposite end of the light string onto the back of the wreath with additional pipe cleaners. I used a bit of hot glue to help hold the battery pack in place on the back of the skull to hide it. (see step 9 to view this)
  • 13. I gave it another good fluffing after adding my decorations. Here’s the finished product 🙂

Look how freakishly fantastic it looks on our front door!

I could totally see this as a Day of the Dead Wreath DIY or a Mardi Gras Wreath DIY too. What you use it for is up to you! Whatever you do, it is sure to freak out a few people, I get freaked out by it myself if I am being honest here. I really hope you enjoyed the terrifying journey and have fun making one of your own Scream-tastic wreaths.

Note; when I was making my ribbon sets I decided to triple up on four of them using three different mesh ribbons to achieve a seriously cool look and more fullness.

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