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How to Make Felt Cupcakes

Finished felt cupcake

How much fun are these felt cupcakes? I have enjoyed making these felt toy foods so much that it has become one of my favorite pastimes. With felt and embroidery thread prices being so inexpensive and available in so many fun colors, the possibilities are endless. Here is how you can make felt cupcakes.

Felt Cupcakes


  • Tan / Light Brown Felt
  • Blue Felt (I used blue for the wrapper, but you can use your choice of color)
  • White or Off White Felt
  • Red Felt
  • Pink Felt (You can change this color also if you like.)
  • Embroidery Floss to match the felt.
  • Poly-fill or Cotton Balls
  • An Embroidery Needle
  • A Fabric Marker
  • Scissors
  • Printed Pattern (You can print this free pattern here.)
Mark-B-Gone fabric pen

Step 1. Cut out and trace your pattern onto the felt. I use this type of felt marker that can be erased using cold water.

Pieces of fabric with the felt pieces to match them

Step 2. Cut out your felt cupcake pieces.

Felt icing being sewn onto top circle  of cupcake

Step 3. Sew the pink icing on top of the cupcake top using a running whip stitch.

sewing down the center line of the white felt for the whipped cream

Step 4. Sew down the middle of the felt for the whipped cream.

the "whipped cream" felt pulled tight

Step 5. When you get to the other end, pull your thread from both sides and wrinkle the felt to the center of the thread like a draw string.

finished circle of white "whipped Cream" felt

Step 6. Tie the thread tightly together forming the felt into a loop.

sewing edge of circle for cherry

Step 7. Sew around the edge of the red circle of felt.

sewn edge of circle for cherry

Step 8. Pull the thread like a drawstring to make the circle cup, then add a cotton ball or poly-fil to the center before closing the circle and tying it closed.

finished cherry sitting next to stacked top of cupcake

Step 9. Stack the whip cream felt on top of the icing felt and center it. Run your needle that is still attached to the cherry through the center of the whip cream and out of the bottom of the tan circle.

sewing cherry on cupcake top

Step 10. Bring the needle back up through the center, into the cherry, and back down out of the bottom of the tan circle.

Underneath View of bottom of cupcake top

Step 11. Tie off the red thread making sure the cherry and whipped cream and tight and secure.

top view of cupcake top before stuffing

Step 12. The cupcake top should look like the picture above at the point.

sewing drawstring into edge of cupcake top

Step 13. Sew around the edge of the cupcake top in a running stitch.

stuffed cupcake top

Step 14. Pull the strings to make the felt cup and stuff it with cotton balls or poly-fill. Tie off the strings once it looks like the image above.

sewing felt cupcake wrapper

Step 15. Sew the side piece of your cupcake wrapper onto the circle base using a blanket stitch.

finished felt cupcake wrapper

Step 16. Once the sides are sewn, overlap the ends and continue sewing up the side.

trimming excess felt from cupcake wrapper

Step 17. Trim away the excess piece of overlap from the inside of the cup.

sewing felt cupcake base to cupcake top

Step 18. Tuck the bottom side of the cupcake top into the bottom wrapper and begin sewing it in place using the blanket stitch and thread that is the same color as your wrapper.

Finished felt cupcake with cherry on top

Step 19. Add the cupcake to your felt food collection and enjoy!

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