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How to Make Felt Pizza

close up of felt pizza

What kind of play kitchen would it be if you didn’t have play pizza? This cute and easy felt pizza aims to please. All you need is a few pieces of felt, some thread, and some stuffing to make this adorable toy felt food. Here is how I made it.

Felt Pizza


  • Tan felt
  • White or Off White felt
  • Red felt
  • Burgundy or Brown Felt
  • Embroidery thread – Tan, White, Red, and Brown
  • Something to use for stuffing (Cotton Balls or Poly-fil)
  • Printed pattern (Click here for our Free Pizza Pattern)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
Felt cut out according to felt pizza pattern

Step 1. Cut out your felt pieces using the provided pattern.

top crust and pizza sauce made of felt being sewn together

Step 2. Using one of your crust triangles, line up the “sauce” felt and begin sewing only along the top edge using your red embroidery thread and embroidery needle. I used a simple whip stitch for this and hid the top of the stitch slightly behind the red felt.

sauce sewn to top crust
Felt pepperonis placed on felt cheese

Step 3. Line up your pepperonis (I used brown for the pepperonis because it is what I had on hand, but you could use a burgundy if you have it) on the cheese, then begin sewing them in place.

Felt cheese being sewn to felt sauce

Step 4. Line up your felt pieces and sew your cheese piece to your sauce felt using white thread. (I could have been neater about the stitching for this, but in the end, it gave it some character.) I found this easiest when you go through the crust layer, sauce and into the cheese instead of just trying to sew the cheese to the sauce.

sides of felt pizza sewn together using a blanket stitche

Step 5. Add your second tan triangle to the back of your crust/sauce/cheese layer and blanket stitch along both sides.

Edge crust with tops and sides sewn together using tan embroidery thread

Step 6. Sew together the top and sides of the 2 edge crust pieces using a blanket stitch and tan embroidery thread.

Sewing the edge crust to the pizza slice

Step 7. Add the edge crust to the pizza slice as shown in the image above. Be sure to leave and opening to stuff your crust before finishing.

Poly-fil being stuffed into felt pizza crust edge

Step 8. Using poly-fil or cotton balls, stuff the crust edge, the finish sewing the crust shut.

Finished product felt Pizza

Felt toy foods can be so much fun for children and adults. I have loved creating these and it seems the possibilities are endless. Felt and embroidery floss are so inexpensive that you can make a lot of these felt foods for just a few pennies. Be sure to look out for our upcoming felt craft projects.

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