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How to Make Frosted Glass with Glue

Colorful stained glass closeup

So you have probably seen a lot of frosted glass projects on Pinterest along with tons of other ideas, and wondered how to create that look inexpensively and easily. Frosting glass with glue is a great way to create an elegant look to vases, lamp shades and more and cheaply. I love using it around my own home to create ambiance and what’s even better? If you get tired of the look you can peel or scrape it off and do something new!

Mod Podge Stained Glass 

Stained glass vase sitting on a paper plate

Adding Mod Podge to glass is easy as pie (as they say). Simple yet you can get so many varied looks with it. And if you mess up you can peel and start all over again! With Mod Podge you can make layers with paper or tissue paper or whatever else you can imagine; gift wrap, stickers, cut-outs, print outs, basically anything that has ink that won’t smear when wetted down are good options. I like to add paint and sometimes create faux ‘lead lines’ to make a stained glass look design. In my most recent venture, I decided to forego the lines to create a more unique look which reminds me of Tiffany lamp type glass. This is the one you will see posted here in this article 🙂 .

You will need:

  • mod podge
  • acrylic paints (your choice of colors)
  • Paint brush
  • disposable gloves? or can use bare hands
  • paper plate or other disposable work surface
  • glass vase or vestibule

How to make Glass look Frosted

Mod Podge is probably one of the easiest ways to make glass look frosted. It is also non-toxic so the kids can get involved! Simply brush it on with a paintbrush, or you can even smooth it on with your hands. Try to apply even coats and thinner layers for shorter drying times. You can always add more layers!


  • ensure glass is clean with no residue
  • start by applying a thin coat of mod podge or white school glue also works
  • let first clear coat get tacky
  • start mixing colors on your plate by combining the glue or mod podge with acrylic paint (you can make it as light or as bright/dark as you want)
  • start applying the colors in layers onto your piece either brushing on or using your hands like I did, also this can be done one color right after the other especially if you are going for a drippy look as I did. If you don’t want the drippy look you will want to allow each layer to dry between coats.
  • There is no right or wrong way, you can always add more and thicken the layers as you go.

Note: I always keep my hairdryer handy because I am not a patient crafter! Just be sure if you use this to help dry your piece to not get it too close to your surface unless you want a crackle appearance.

DIY Frosted Glass with Glue

Frosted glass is a great way to update old glass vases and jars or anything else glass you want to give a makeover. Applying white school glue or mod podge is the easiest way to achieve this look. I also like to add rice paper or tissue paper for a more opaque appearance. You just want to ensure wherever you are placing the decorated items that they are not in a high traffic/humidity area such as your bathroom or kitchen as it could result in a runny or peeling mess.

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