How to Thread a Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Close up view of a Singer 6600C Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are great pieces of equipment. You can make anything from clothing and curtains, to baskets and toys. But what good is a machine if you don’t know how to thread it? It may seem intimidating at first glance, but it really is easier than it seems.

How to Thread a Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Pick out the proper thread for the project you want to start, then follow these steps

  • To start threading your machine, first take your spool of thread and find the beginning of the thread. It is usually caught in a groove on one end of the spool. If you are having trouble getting the thread loose, run a sewing needle behind the thread and it should pop loose.
  • Place your thread on the spool pin on top of the machine. Place the end of the spool where your thread began to the right so the thread does not get caught on the notch when leaving the spool.
  • From the spool pin, you will run the thread through the 1st thread guide to the left of the handle, then to the 2nd thread guide to the left of the 1st.
  • Now guide the thread forward though the threading slots all the way down the front and back up following the arrow on the front of the machine.
  • Next you will run the thread through the thread take-up lever, then back down the same slot in the front of the machine.
  • Once you are at the top of your needle housing, you will find a thread guide at the base of the threading slots, run you thread through it.
  • Now run you thread through the thread guide at the top of the needle, thread your needle, and you are done.

How to Wind a Bobbin on a Singer Sewing Machine

I am one of those people who really likes winding the bobbin on a machine. There is something fun in letting the thread run through your fingers while creating a perfectly wound bobbin of thread. Here is how to wind the bobbin.

  • To wind a bobbin, take your empty bobbin and run your thread through one of the holes in the top of the bobbin (go from the center then out of the top).
  • Place the bobbin on the bobbin winding spindle with the end of your thread facing upwards.
  • Push the bobbin to the right towards the bobbin winding stopper. Keep a hold of your thread.
  • Slowly press your pedal to wind a few times so that your thread is held onto the bobbin.
  • Once the thread is secure, continue holding the feeder thread loosly in your fingers, press the pedal, and wind the bobbin. Move your thread slightly up and down to fill in any gaps in the bobbin.
  • When the bobbin is filled, the machine will slow and stop winding.

How to Install a Bobbin on a Singer Sewing Machine

Installing a bobbin on the Singer 6600c Heavy Duty sewing machine is the simplest bobbin install I have ever experienced, and I have used quite a few sewing machines over the years. Here is how to install the bobbin,

  • Remove your cover plate by sliding the black button to the right of the bobbin housing. The plate clear plate will pop up. Remove the plate and set it to the side.
  • Place your bobbin into the hole with the thread tail on the left hand side of the bobbin.
  • Take your thread tail and follow around the thread guide (the arrow shows the directions).
  • At the end of the thread guide pull the thread to the right. The last groove has a thread cutter that will trim the excess thread for you.

The sewing machine we are threading in this post is a Singer 660c Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. Singer machines vary and others can be a bit different than the one in this post.

Most sewing machines are similar in how you thread them, however there are some pretty significant differences in bobbins and bobbin installs. The sewing machine used in this post has a top loading bobbin, but there are others the load from the front of the machine. Just remember when purchasing bobbins for your machine, buy one like what came with your machine. If it was a plastic bobbin, buy a plastic. If it was metal, buy a metal. You can’t go wrong if you buy what originally came with your sewing machine. Now that you have a thread loaded machine, go have fun sewing.

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