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How to Mod Podge Paper on Glass

Mod Podge Cabinet

Did you know, you can add paper to glass with mod podge to achieve a non-see-through appearance? I did it for the second door to my bookcase with paper towels although I recommend using tissue paper or thinner papers for better application and variation. I am a messy crafter and really wanted to hide my creative mess and fast. So I used paper towels for that ‘instant coverage’ and while I really like it’s high hide abilities it took longer to dry and was not as easy to apply (believe it or not). I would not do it this way again if I did it over. It’s not always best to try to skip steps.

The variations of papers out there are fantastic, you can choose to do tissue paper, which we will discuss in this article but you can also try rice paper or decorative floral papers, etc…for a similar more delicate appearance.

You will need:

  • Mod Podge Or Homemade Mod Podge (see recipes here)
  • Paint roller or paint brush
  • Bowl with water
  • Paper towels
  • Hairdryer
  • A small brush (for edges, if needed)

How to Mod Podge Tissue Paper on Glass

The steps to adding tissue paper is very similar in terms of the application of the glue by itself as shown in the Seeded Glass article, however in this case you will measure out your paper pieces and cut to size, and set them aside. You can really not mess this up! Have fun with it!

The Steps:

  • Measure out your paper and trim to fit
  • Next you will mix your glue and mod podge in equal parts and mix into a minimum of 2/3 water and then roll or brush the glue water mixture onto your surface then lay the paper over top of that covering up to your edges and add more over top of the paper, applying with a roller or brush.
  • Let dry and put back in its place!

The finished project! I am very happy with how this turned out. I hope this helps you in your mission to organize and hide those interesting albeit messy areas that you don’t want others to see.

Note: You will NOT want to use this method if you live in a high humidity area. There are window films you can purchase online though not as fun to do 🙂 Or you can also try using spray paints which I will discuss in another article.

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